webcam-therapy-starburst-small The goal of therapy is to learn a different way of "being" in the world which bypasses the worries and anxieties which cause marital conflict.

With webcam therapy you will learn a new way of being and interacting with your spouse.

Yisroel Roll has developed a unique approach to helping clients resolve marriage issues using a Gestalt Therapy technique which is a combination of Experiential Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Yisroel Roll's therapy approach has helped hundreds of marriages get unstuck, quickly.

Yisroel  Roll's experience as an attorney, Orthodox Rabbi, licensed psychotherapist  and educator brings a wealth of patient wisdom and insight to the counseling experience.

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Shut Up and

Stay Married



February 9, 2014

You will learn to:

  • Build your self esteem
  • Have empathy for your spouse
  • Be in Love Again
  • Focus on the good
  • Not respond in anger
  • Stop taking pot shots at your spouse
  • Speak in intimate way
  • Revive your marriage
  • Communicate Effectively

Spaces are limited

Attend as a couple or on your own

Couples work is preferred

Seminar Leader:
Rabbi Yisroel Roll, LCPC

Motivational Speaker
Marriage Therapist
Self Esteem Expert