Yisroel Roll

Yisroel Roll

Shut Up and Stay Married


Yisroel Roll is an innovative psychotherapist and a lawyer who specializes in divorce mediation. He has seen and managed and facilitated both sides of the story: marriages that turn around and marriages that unravel. He has discovered the antidote to the 50% divorce rate and the untold emotional pain that it causes and shares his unique strategy in Shut Up and Stay Married-The Secret to Marriage Success, released by Leviathan in April, 2011.

Roll began his career in Toronto, as a criminal defense and litigation lawyer. He took time off to study in Jerusalem and then served as the rabbi of the New West End Synagogue in London, England where he breathed new life into the community from 1991-1997. He founded the Encounter Conference in London in 1996 which attracted thousands to educational seminars. He returned to the US in 2000, received his Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling at Johns Hopkins University and opened a psychotherapy practice in marriage counseling. He has developed a unique counseling approach which breaks through to the core issue of the marriage very quickly and helps transform the marriage.

Roll has psychotherapy offices in Lakewood, New Jersey, Baltimore, Maryland and Toronto, Ontario. His law practice is based in Toronto where he was called to the Ontario Bar as a Barrister and Solicitor in 1983. He has developed a new type of therapy called Identity Therapy which helps clients discover much more than self esteem. He helps them discover the “self.” Roll says, “Once a client discovers his or her true strengths and life mission, the marriage issues untangle and a solution strategy emerges.”

Roll is a motivational speaker and lectures around the world on parenting, happiness and overcoming life’s challenges. His seminars and workshops are interactive and invites participants to introspect and discover their inner strengths, values and motivations. One seminar, called Step up to the Plate, uses baseball as a metaphor for life and helps people learn that they have already have the ability to hit a home run in the opportunity called life. Roll helps them discover their dormant abilities and helps them access their subconscious mind “which is the key to unlocking your potential,” says Roll.

Mr. Roll has founded the Life Task Force which promotes L.I.F.E-Living Inspired and Fully Everyday. He has developed a 12 step program to achieve self esteem at and has developed 12 step programs for teens, a 7 week self esteem diet program and an anti drug abuse program called Just Say Know. “If you know your own worth and value, you’ll stop wanting to escape from life’s challenges,” says Roll. “You’ll be empowered to meet those challenges head on,” he adds.

Yisroel Roll is a licensed experiential gestalt therapist who uses meditation and role playing to have clients experience life, rather than merely talk about the issues. “I facilitate a process where people encounter themselves. I help them face their fears and access their aspirations which often lie untapped and buried under layers of put- downs, negativity and emotional abuse. When we clear away the emotional pain, the true self emerges and the person is liberated. The client can them move toward self actualization,” says Roll.

Shut Up and Stay Married is Yisroel Roll’s fifth book.

Shut Up and

Stay Married



February 9, 2014

You will learn to:

  • Build your self esteem
  • Have empathy for your spouse
  • Be in Love Again
  • Focus on the good
  • Not respond in anger
  • Stop taking pot shots at your spouse
  • Speak in intimate way
  • Revive your marriage
  • Communicate Effectively

Spaces are limited

Attend as a couple or on your own

Couples work is preferred

Seminar Leader:
Rabbi Yisroel Roll, LCPC

Motivational Speaker
Marriage Therapist
Self Esteem Expert